Jericho Warming Hut - Week 9 Progress Report

September 12, 2011

Pictures Kate & Larry Gomes
Story by Larry Gomes

It was picture perfect weather up at at the warming hut site at 2,500 feet.  Dozens of ATV riders were out enjoying the trails and many stopped by to ask questions about the warming hut.  Others who came by were already signed up as Founders and they were curious to see the warming hut in person after looking at the pictures online.

Here are some pictures from last Saturday:

 Kate Gomes got right to work putting a second coat of stain on some pine tongue and groove
 that will be used for soffits on the back and the sides of the warming hut.

 Roger Richard decided to complete the trim work around the triangular windows in the front peak. 
Here Roger marks off the back side of some log siding that will be fit around the windows.

 Roger dry fit all the trim parts and then sent them over to Kate for staining.
While the staining was being done, Roger caulked around the windows and then installed
a vapor barrier to insure that no wind-driven rain would get into the interior.

Larry worked on finishing the sanding of the back of the warming hut.

After the sanding was done, Larry completed the staining of the back side.

As soon as the stain on the back side had dried, Roger installed soffit boards up the gable.
One end of the board fit into a slot that had been cut into the logs a few weeks ago and the
other end butts up against the rake board.  With all the prep work that had been done,
plus the use of a nail gun, those boards went up quick!

Here is the back side finished off.  It really looks nice.

At the end of Saturday, Larry started sanding the last side of the warming hut.

Roger starts to install the front trim pieces as soon as they are dry...

and Kate hands up the trim pieces as they are needed.

Finally the front trim is done!

A late day view from the warming hut porch.

Here are some pictures from last Sunday, the 10th anniversary of 9/11:

It was very foggy in the valleys, but perfectly clear up at the warming hut.
Here you can see some morning fog that has not yet burned off.

Larry continued where he had left off on Saturday - sanding the south side of the warming hut.


Kate and Roger worked together to install the north soffit boards.

Roger used blocks as spacers to insure the correct space needed for the vent.


The last step is to remove the spacer blocks and to snap the dark brown vinyl soffit vent into place.

By the late Sunday afternoon, Larry was running out of time and decided to stop sanding
and stain the bottom half of the wall.  The rest will have to get done next weekend.

The beautiful weather made it a joy to be working outside all weekend.  Many thanks to Roger, Kate and Larry for the time they spent on the warming hut this past weekend.

We still have a lot to do, so if you can help, please send email to

You will be recognized along with other volunteers on a workers plaque that will be mounted in the hut forever.

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