Jericho Warming Hut - Week 7 Progress Report

August 22, 2011

Pictures by Roger Richard and Larry Gomes
Story by Larry Gomes

Two great things happened last weekend.  First and most important, we had 9 volunteers show up to work at the Warming Hut.  Second is the weather forecast for thunderstorms was wrong and we had excellent weather on both Saturday and Sunday.  As a result of these two factors, we made a lot of progress.

Just like last weekend, we has a steady stream of ATV riders come up the trail by the Warming Hut.  Many of them stopped by to see what we were doing and we received a lot of compliments.  Two of the riders actually stopped by and then came back to help out for an hour or so.

Here are some pictures of the progress that was made over last weekend:


 Steve Zsafran (on ladder) worked with Eric Johnson (not in picture) to install rafter vents
along the bottom of the roof sheathing.

The Styrofoam rafter vents have a flexible "hinge" built into them that allows them to be
turned and set against the top of the wall.  This routes cold air up into the vent and also
keeps the insulation from extending out too far and possibly blocking the soffit vent.

The Batchelor family made the trip up from MA and took on the job of sanding the
back of the Warming Hut.  It was a dirty, dusty job but they kept at it for the entire
day on Saturday, getting the most difficult part done (the part of the wall where the logs
cross each other).  From left to right is Marilyn, Collin and Mark.


As the sanding got near the top of the crossed logs, Eric Johnson joined in with Collin and
Mark Batchelor to finish the upper logs.

At the end of Saturday, the majority of the back wall was sanded and ready for stain.

In between helping with the roof vents and sanding, Eric Johnson also assisted Roger Richard
in putting up the rake boards on the front and the back of the Warming Hut.  Roger dry fitted
the boards and then sent them down to Larry for staining. 

By the end of Saturday, both the front and back rake boards were permanently installed
after received 2 coats of stain.  Here Roger heads down after nailing up the front rake boards.


Roger pre-cut the tongue-and-groove pine for the porch ceiling and sent it over to the "pavilion"
for staining.  By the afternoon, Larry had more stuff than he could stain by himself so he
started looking for an assistant.  Come to find out Steve used to be a professional painter.
Once that secret was out, Steve was immediately drafted into the "pavilion" crew where he helped
to stain the porch ceiling boards.  Here the boards are drying on a make-shift rack.


On Sunday morning, Larry took advantage of the shade on the back side of the
Warming Hut and got a coat of stain on before the sun came around and made
it too hot to apply the stain.


Roger starts the installation of the porch ceiling using the board stained on Saturday.
Eric assisted by transporting the boards from the "pavilion" over to Roger.


 Close up of one side of the porch ceiling.  The two small holes are for solar powered
LED lights that will turn on automatically when motion at night is detected.
The large hole is for an outdoor speaker so that you can listen to the radio out
on the porch while enjoying the view.

Another shot of the finished ceiling.

With the porch ceiling done, Roger installed the antenna for the AM/FM/Weather Band
radio at the peak.

Late in the morning on Saturday, two dirt bikes pulled up and their riders volunteered
lend a hand on the project.  Here Rob and Luke Peterson from southern NH are just finishing
up a major cleanup and re-grading project on the north side of the Warming Hut.
Using a pick axe, shovels and rakes, they pitched the slope of the ground away from
the Warming Hut so runoff from the roof will not build up around the foundation.
Once all of the grading work is done, a load of pea stone will be brought in to keep the dirt
from splashing up onto the sides of the warming hut.

Steve spent all day Sunday under the pavilion with his stain brush in hand.  He finished two
coats on all the fascia boards and then worked on the soffit panel boards.


By the end of Sunday, the freshly stained fascia boards were installed and the Warming Hut
was ready for next weeks installation of the metal roof.  Any metal roof experts out there?


One last picture before we head home for the week.

We plan on working on the warming hut for the next several weekends except for Labor Day weekend.
If you want to help with the completion of the warming hut, please send email to
You will be recognized along with other volunteers on a workers plaque that will be mounted in the hut forever.

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