Jericho Warming Hut - Week 6 Progress Report

August 15, 2011

Pictures by Roger Richard and Larry Gomes
Story by Larry Gomes

It was a thin crew of 2 at the warming hut last weekend, but we still managed to get a lot done.  The most important factor - the weather - was great most of the time with the exception of a flash downpour on Sunday.

We had a lot of people stop by and compliment how nice the warming hut was looking.  We attribute that to the finish work that was done around the bottom of the cabin last weekend.  The extra two rows of bottom logs and the lattice work really dressed up the foundation area and makes the place look more finished.

Here are some pictures of the progress that was made over the weekend:


 Roger started out the day by installing the lattice work that was cut to size and stained last weekend.


Height wise the lattice fit perfectly. (Great job Bob and Josh!)  It was sized just right so that the top fit
into a groove on the underside of the log siding and bottom rested on a 2" x 6" buried into the ground. 
Roger just had to cut the pieces to length as they were installed.

The next project was installing the upper level windows.  First a pattern was cut and used to determine
how much spacing there would be around the windows.


Here Roger is working on the framing around the window openings.  When Larry wasn't looking,
Roger removed the double 2" x 4" post that was holding up the center beam so he could add
some more pieces to it.  Amazingly the post had no pressure on it because all of the weight
of the center beam and roof was being transferred through the rafters and down to the side walls,
a testament to the precise engineering done by Real Log Homes when they designed the building.

With the framing done, it was time to install the windows.  Here Roger fits a PVC flange into
a groove around the outside of the window frame.

The flanges on both windows are done and they are ready to be lifted into place.

Hey Roger - Quit messing around and get up here and help me lift this window in place!


Finally the first one is in...


And then the second one.


Here is what the upper windows look like from the inside.  No view other than the sky, but
that was the main reason they were put in; to allow more light to come in and compensate
for the shadow effect from the overhanging front porch.

In between helping Roger with the windows, Larry spent most of Saturday sanding the
lower half of the north cabin wall.  The electric sander does most of it, but in between
the logs, its got to be done by hand.

Late in the afternoon on Saturday, Larry got in a coat of stain on the freshly sanded logs.
The logs yellow up fast in the sun.  The cabin is only a few weeks old, but you can
see the difference in color on the half-sanded log two rows above Larry's head.

On Sunday, Roger cut and chiseled a slot in the back of the cabin to receive the soffit boards

This is what it looked like when the back slot was done.


Roger also cut a slot on the inside back wall to receive the ceiling boards.  This gives
a nice clean look and eliminates the need for a molding.


On Sunday, Larry finished sanding and staining the north wall.  Now that the base coat
is on, additional coats can be applied without any more sanding.

We plan on working on the warming hut for the next several weekends except for Labor Day weekend.
If you want to help with the completion of the warming hut, please send email to
You will be recognized along with other volunteers on a workers plaque that will be mounted in the hut forever.

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