Jericho Warming Hut - Week 5 Progress Report

August 8, 2011

Pictures and Story by Larry Gomes

After missing a weekend due to the Jericho ATV Festival on July 30-31, work resumed on the warming hut project over the weekend of August 6-7.

On Saturday, a crew of nine volunteers showed up and worked together like a well oiled machine on a variety of tasks. There is nothing better than watching everyone show up, pick an area that needs work, they ask a few questions and then they just seem to instinctively know what to do.  It is really fun watching this happen week after week.


 Bob McCourt and his son Josh spent the day "in the dirt" around the foundation.  First they installed fine
screening to small bugs and insects out.  Next they attached hardware cloth with 1/2" spacing to keep animals out. 
Finally they cut and fit lattice work to cover the screening and dress up the foundation.


This view shows the north side of the warming hut where Bob and Josh left a door
under the porch to provide future access under the warming hut.

Staining the lattice for the foundation ended up being a big job.  It was tedious work getting all of
the edges of the lattice to take stain.  Several people including Ray Borbeau worked on this job all
 afternoon finally finishing the first coat by the end of the Saturday.  Unfortunately Ray left
before we could get his picture taken.


Eric Johnson spent a good amount of time hammering in hurricane ties on both sides of the warming hut.
It was difficult work because he was up on a ladder plus had limited space to swing the hammer, but
his persistence won out with all 40 rafter ties getting installed by the end of the weekend.

Past club president Tom Belanger, spent a few hours up in the peak installing hurricane ties.  These strap ties
are used to hold the two rafters tightly against the center beam in the event of high winds.  Even though
the rafters are securely nailed to the center beam, the ties provide additional lateral support to keep the
rafters from wiggling loose over time.


In between installing rafter ties, Eric helped out Roger Richard with the installation of log siding
over the perimeter beams.  Each piece of siding was test fit, then sanded before final installation.

Roger used a large skill saw with a 16" diameter blade to cut full logs into fake log corners.
Here a log corner sits ready to be installed.

This is what the fake log corner looked like after it had been installed.


By the end of the weekend, all of the log siding and fake log corners had been installed
and was ready for stain.  But mother nature decided to end our work day on Sunday
with a persistent rain so we are hoping the sanding work will hold up until next weekend.


Brian O'Reilly spent the entire weekend running high and low voltage wiring in the warming hut.
Here Brian installs some speaker wire for ceiling speakers that will be tied into an AM/FM/Weather Band radio.


Steve Uzdanovich spent most of the weekend as Brian's assistant helping wherever needed to pull wire,
install conduit, or finding tools and supplies. 

Larry made up these mounting blocks that will be used on the front of the warming hut
to mount carriage lights and an outdoor plug that can be used when the generator is running.

By the end of the weekend, Brian and Steve had finished running all of the wire needing
for the 110-volt lighting, 110-volt plugs and LED lighting.  The wire hanging in the corner
will be routed into the top of an electrical cabinet for final termination.


Wire from the opposite side of the warming hut was run under the floor in conduit and comes up into
the bottom of the electrical cabinet.  The pipe with a pull string coming out of it goes to the generator pad
and will eventually carry the 110-volt feed wire from the generator to the warming hut.


Brian's girlfriend Andrea came up to the warming hut site on Sunday to admire the view.
We caught her listening to her IPod after she returned from a walk in the area.

The antenna for the radio has been installed at the peak of the warming hut.
Here Steve feeds a wire for one of the carriage lights on each side of the door.

One of the final jobs of the weekend was applying a second coat of stain to the lattice.  Unfortunately the
rain started coming down before the stain was dry, so Roger and Steve came up with this idea of hanging
string to create a "clothesline" that would hold the lattice up while it dried.

We plan on working on the warming hut for the next several weekends except for Labor Day weekend.
If you want to help with the completion of the warming hut, please send email to
You will be recognized along with other volunteers on a workers plaque that will be mounted in the hut forever.

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