Jericho Warming Hut - Week 4 Progress Report

July 26, 2011

Pictures and Story by Larry Gomes

The progress on the warming hut took second stage over the July 23-24 weekend because of two bridge rebuilding projects that diverted resources away from the warming hut project (Click Here for story about bridge projects)

However all was not lost.  On Saturday afternoon, three warming hut volunteers were able to sand the front of the warming hut and on Sunday the first coat of stain was applied.  The WMRR club thanks Ray Cote, Mark Dube and Larry Gomes for their work on the warming hut over last weekend.

 The crew used two vibrator sanders and some hand sanding to prepare the front of the cabin
for staining.  The sanding removed any scuff marks and yellowing so the wood has a consistent
color and texture. This is important since we are using a semi-transparent stain that will show any
imperfections that are not sanded out.


The porch support posts and cross ties are now stained and the crew is about to start
staining the front cabin wall.

Finally after several hours of staining, the front has one coat.  A second coat is planned and that
will darken up the stain to a more golden color.

If you want to help with the completion of the warming hut, please send email to
You will be recognized along with other volunteers on a workers plaque that will be mounted in the hut forever.

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