Warming Hut Gets New Entrance Stairs

September 21, 2013

Pictures by Roger and Larry Richard
Story By Larry Gomes

It was just like old times when Roger Richard and his brother Larry rolled up to the clubhouse last Saturday at 8:30am after leaving central MA at 5:00am.    Roger was the lead carpenter during the building of the Warming Hut and his brother Larry also came up to work on it for a few days.  But after the Warming Hut was finished two years ago, Roger and his brother have only been up north a few times due to family obligations.  So it was great to see them both back in town even it it was only for a day.

The goal for the day was to build a set of stairs up to the Warming Hut porch.  To do this job, Roger came prepared with just about every tool he owned.  The back of his SUV was so full that he had to attached the club trailer to his truck to bring up the materials needed for the job. 

The idea for stairs came about during the first winter the warming hut was open.  The hill leading up to the porch was icy and people were falling on the way up or down.  Since the stairs had to be installed along the side of the building, snow and ice from the roof would be dumped down on them so the design called for an open grate stair tread that would allow the snow and ice to fall through to the ground below. 

Once the design was set, Roger built a template that was used by Berlin Spring to construct the stair treads.  These treads has flanges welded to them so they could be bolted to wooden risers.  Finally a set of sturdy railings was fitted to provide extra support when going up or down the stairs.

We really appreciate the hard work put in by Roger and Larry on this project and we need to make sure these guys get back up north after the snow flies so they can try out these stairs for themselves this winter.


Roger's SUV was fully loaded to he used the club trailer to bring the materials and other supplies from the clubhouse.


A plywood template was used to determine the location of the stairs and the rise and run.  This template was then given
to Berlin Spring and they fabricated the stair treads using fire escape grating and then painted them flat black.


Roger marks the locations for the stair treads onto the stringers with the club trailer serving as a work bench.


Visitors admire the view on a picture perfect autumn day.  The guys saw about 60 or 70 ATV's come through during the day.


Larry sands the stringers in preparation for assembly.  Note the holes that have been drilled in the left stringer.


The stair treads have been bolted to the stringers and the entire assembly is ready for installation.  
Watch your backs!  That thing is heavy!


With the stairs installed, railings are next.  4" x 4" posts are bolted to the stringers and then a railing support and
railing cap is bolted to the hut logs on one side and to the porch post on the other side. 
Here Larry rounds the edges of the railing cap to make it easier to grab. 


With the railings done, its time for a coat of stain. 


Wow those look great!

The stairs are a great addition to the Warming Hut with a complimentary design looks like it was part of the original plans.

I guess this is why Roger brought an SUV full of tools so he could do cuts like this.

The top end of the left railing ended up falling in between two logs, so Roger built this custom railing support out of a 4" x 4".


After a long hard day of work, its time to sit on the front porch stairs and admire the view.  Yup, they work great!


The last project of the day is to install corners on the generator dog house.


The dog house is now ready for its siding.  Sometime in the future mini-log siding will be added along with a green roof
so it matches the look of the Warming Hut.


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