Warming Hut Gets Last Minute Maintenance Before Summer Season

May 27, 2013

By Larry Gomes

A crew of 5 people drove up to the Jericho Warming Hut on Sunday May 19th to finish some last minute maintenance before it opened up for the summer ATV season. 

Roger Richard (head builder of the Warming Hut) made the trip from Millbury, MA to test out some ideas he had for siding the generator dog house.  Roger also brought materials to build a set of stair templates that will be used to fabricate a new set of metal stairs for the Warming Hut.

Andy and Heather Gomes traveled from Raynham, MA.  Andy had finished the installation of a new tile floor in the Warming Hut two weeks ago and he wanted to seal the tile and grout before the summer crowds arrived.

Larry and Kate Gomes also make the trip from Westborough, MA.  Larry had a new sign to install and also wanted to replace the timer switch for the stereo since that was no longer working.

The crew arrived in the morning to a beautiful day with wispy clouds drifting across the sky.  It was hard to focus on the work with such a beautiful view, but within a few hours the work was done and the Warming Hut was ready for visitors that would be arriving just a few days later.  Here are some pictures from that day:


Andy Gomes seals the tiles and grout which will prevent water from seeping in between the tiles and also will make cleanup easier in the future.


Roger Richard works on a stair template that will be used to build a set of metal stairs that will be installed on the side of the porch.
The stairs will have grating that will help keep dirt and snow from being brought into the Warming Hut.  The stairs
will also have railings that will be safer for visitors to use in wet or icy conditions instead of the sloping ground in front of the hut.


Club Treasurer and carpenter George Falardeau did a great job sanding and applying acrylic sealer to the top of this table that sits in the Warming Hut.
The group brought it up with them from the WMRR clubhouse in the back of a pickup truck.


This welcome sign was installed at the southwest corner of the Warming Hut.  The sign was donated by Smith and Town printers
and Roger Richard built the frame.  Club member Dan O'Reilly did the staining and Larry Gomes installed the pole and the sign.


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