New Tile Floor Installed at Jericho Warming Hut

May 9, 2013

Pictures and Story by Larry Gomes

Thanks to the generosity of builder Andy Gomes of Raynham, MA, the Jericho Warming Hut now has a new tile floor.  Installation of the floor tiles had been on our "to do" list for the past year, but it had to be done at a time when there were no visitors coming to the warming hut.  That left just one window of opportunity:  mud season. 

But the club also needed permission from the State to enter Jericho Mt. State Park after the frost was out of the ground.  In addition, the installation had to be scheduled when Andy had time available in his busy schedule.

Finally it all came together on May 8th and May 9th.  The State did an inspection of Jericho Park on Friday May 3rd and called the club to say that the roads were good enough for a trip to the Warming Hut.  Andy was working on a big renovation job but his electrician and plumber needed 2 days to complete their work, so Andy said he was available to do the tile job on May 8th and 9th.  Larry got permission to take time off from his job and the two brothers loaded Larry's pickup truck and headed for NH.

After spending 2 days up at the Warming Hut, the job was done and it looks fantastic!  Here are some pictures taken over those two days:


On Wednesday, the weather cooperated with lots of sun and blue sky.  Larry's truck was loaded with tile and cement board leaving no room for the tools. 
So he borrowed the club trailer and used it to haul the tools up to the warming hut. 

Andy measures one of the cement boards so it can be cut to fit around the tile installed in front of the wood stove.


Larry used the trailer to pick up some water from a nearby stream.  The water was needed to mix up the mortar for cementing the tiles in place.

Andy came up with the idea of using some of the smaller tiles to create diamond accents in the middle of the floor.  Several tiles were dry fitted
to see how the pattern would look.


With the design set, the tile laying process got underway.  Larry unpacked the boxes of tiles and put them into piles based on their color (note two
piles in the foreground.  Andy marked tiles that had to be cut and Larry cut them outside using a wet saw.

A double row of 1" x 1" tiles were used to create a border between the main floor and the wood box/stove area.  This provided more flexibility when
installing the main floor tiles.


A close up view of the diamond pattern installed along the center line of the main floor area.


After a beautiful day, dark clouds starting racing in from the south and this rainbow appeared in the valley just the first work day was ending.


Thursday was supposed to be rainy, but it turned out to be another great day with wispy clouds slowly passing over the distant mountain tops.  One of the
the day's projects was to attach these 6" x 6" beams to the legs of this wooden bench donated last year by Josselyn's Getaway Cabins in Jefferson.
Early last winter, this bench blew off the side of the mountain causing significant damage to it.  Keith Josselyn graciously fixed it for free, but we
did not want to take a chance of it blowing over the cliff again so Larry screwed the beams to the bench legs to provide extra weight.


While Larry worked on some outdoor projects, Andy spread grout in the seams of the new tile floor.


Once the grout was dry, Andy washed the film off the tiles using a wet sponge.  Then the tiles were dried off with paper towels. 
Andy had to do this cleaning process twice to remove all of the film.


By mid-afternoon on Thursday, the new floor tiles were installed.  Once the grout dries completely, a sealer will be applied to the tile and the grout giving it a
shiny appearance.  (Note the difference in shine between the tile around the wood stove and the new tile floor.)  The plan is to get the floor sealed
before the park opens up for the summer season.


A close up view of the diamond pattern put along the centerline of the floor.



A close up view of the border between the original floor tiles around the stove and the new floor tiles.

Our thanks go out to Andy Gomes from American Equity Builders for donating his time and expertise to provide the Warming Hut with a world class tile job.  Not only does it look great, but it will be easy to maintain.  With visitors to the Warming Hut now numbering in thousands each year. maintenance is becoming a critical issue.

We still have some other projects to do including siding the generator dog house and installing fence posts.  If you would like to help with these projects, please send email to to be added to our contact list.

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