Jericho Warming Hut - Week 22 Progress Report

March 11, 2012

Pictures and Story by Larry Gomes

With the winter of 2011-2012 quickly drawing to a close, we decided it was time to get some furniture up to the warming hut before the snow melted.

Jim Crowell of Crowell Upholstery in Whitefield volunteered to help.  So on Sunday morning, Jim and Larry loaded up a dozen chairs and a new table onto the groomer and drag and headed up to the warming hut.

The chairs were donated to the club by an auction house in Southern NH.  Jim, who is an avid snowmobiler, donated the material and recovered the chairs with help from John Bonazolli, another Whitefield snowmobiler.  The chairs came out great and the only thing left to do was to replace some worn out plastic feet on the legs of some of the chairs.

The table actually had quite a journey.  A large slab of pine big enough to sit six people around it was purchased from a carpenter in Groveton.  Then slab then went to Josselyn's Sawmill in Jefferson to be outfitted with legs.  Keith Josselyn and his crew installed a sturdy set of legs with braces that looked great.

Then the table was transported to Stark where it was sanded, stained and clear coated by Andy and Larry Gomes.  Finally it traveled back to Berlin for its ride up to the warming hut.

Here are some pictures of the great furniture move:

The groomer and drag on its way up to the warming hut.  There are two stacks of chairs on the groomer
and one stack of chairs and the table on the drag.

Jim Crowell of Crowell Upholstery in Whitefield replaces some of the worn plastic feet on the chairs.
Jim along with help from John Bonazolli installed new fabric on all of the donated chairs.


The new table and chairs at the warming hut ready for visitors.  The top of the table is a single slab
of pine and the legs and bracing was custom built using pealed cedar logs from Josselyns Sawmill in Jefferson.


The warming hut will be closed for mud season.  But when it reopens, we have some projects including siding the generator dog house and installing fence posts.  If you would like to help, please send email to for details.

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