Jericho Warming Hut - Week 2 Progress Report

June 27, 2011

Pictures Courtesy of Roger Richard, John Higgins and Larry Gomes
Story by Larry Gomes

We had our doubts about getting anything done on our second work weekend.  Weather forecasters had predicted rain and thunderstorms for Saturday and the possibility of rain again on Sunday.  But we decided to take a chance and it turned out to be the right decision.  We only got a little drizzle on Saturday and a passing shower on Sunday.  Both days turned out to be almost perfect working conditions with cloudy, cool weather that kept the heat down and the bugs at bay.

The first order of business was to fill in around the foundation piers we had poured last week.  Matt Godbout of MG Construction in Berlin has been donating all of the site work for the project and he did a great job filling in around the foundation piers taking great care not to hit them with rocks or debris during the backfill operation.


Just prior to backfilling, the crew installed 2" PVC conduit to connect the warming hut to the generator pad. 
The generator will be housed in a dog-house located a safe distance away from the warming hut. 
The generator will be used to power lights and outlets during special events.

The next step was to build the perimeter beams for the warming hut cabin.  Since the cabin is coming from the factory pre-cut, it is essential that the cabin floor built to the correct dimensions so it matches the size of the cabin walls.  With the variances in lumber sizes, Roger decided the best way to get the correct outside dimensions was to start building the perimeter beams from the outside in.  Great idea Roger and it turned out to be fairly easy to do.

In the picture above, Matt has finished filling in around the warming hut foundation piers. 
The crew has just finished cutting and screwing together the outer perimeter boards and leveling them. 
Roger (center) works with Steve (right) to cut the next set of boards for the perimeter
 beams while Larry (left) screws two of the perimeter boards together.


The perimeter beams were built by adding each successive row of 2" x 10" boards to the inside of the beam. 
Here Larry uses clamps to hold the outer and inner boards together so the can be secured together with screws. 
After the entire beam has been assembled, carriage bolts will be installed to keep the planks from coming apart.


The perimeter beams are now complete and ready for final assembly.  Since the beams are already screwed
together in the corners and in the middle, carriage bolts are installed in the areas between the foundation piers to
keep the beams from separating when they start taking the building load.  In the picture above you can see the
carriage bolts have been installed and tightened transforming the individual planks into a solid beam.


The final step of the perimeter beam installation is fastening the beam to the foundation piers.
When the piers were poured, foundation bolts were set in place so they would be just below
the finish height of the beam.  Roger used a 3" hole saw to cut out a drill guide from a piece of
1/2 lumber and then he removed the center drill bit from the hole saw.  He then installed his home-made
 guide over the foundation bolt and was able to accurately drill a hole around the center of the bolt.
After chiseling out the wood core from around the bolt, he was able to install the 3"
foundation washer and torque the beam down tightly onto the cement piling.

With the perimeter beam for the cabin in place, the crew could now accurately locate the foundation pilings for the warming hut porch.  Boards were attached to the sides of the warming hut beams and extended out 6' to simulate the sides of the porch.  Then a front board was run between the two sides creating an exact-size outline for the porch.  After these boards were leveled, they could be used to locate the position of the 3 foundation piers holding up the porch.



In the picture above, a temporary porch frame was used to locate the big-foot bases.  John stands by waiting for more
stone which was used to lock the bases in place during the pouring operation.  Also note the rebar that will tie
the bases together to keep them from moving during freeze/thaw cycles.


Steve Szafran made the 4 1/2 hour trip to Berlin from Connecticut and he gladly pitched in wherever he was needed.
Steve rides mainly in the Pittsburg area and he is one of their regular club volunteers.  When he found out about
the Jericho Warming Hut, he became a founder and also volunteered his time to help with the construction.
In the photo above, Steve is shoveling stone into the wheelbarrow and bringing it over to the porch area
where it will be used around the big-foot bases that will eventually support the porch.

John and Roger are fitting braces over the Sonna tubes to hold them in place during the pouring operation.


By the end of Saturday the crew had finished pouring the concrete foundation piers for the porch.
In the picture above, Roger installs the foundation bolts that will hold the porch beams to the cement piers.


Here is the Saturday work crew.  From left to right is Steve Szafran, John Higgins,
Larry Gomes and Roger Richard.  Not shown is Matt Godbout who had to leave earlier in the day.

On Sunday, Matt was back.  First he welded the rebar that was used to tie the porch foundation piers to the cabin piers.
Then he proceeded to backfill around the porch piers and also worked on grading around the warming hut.

After Matt created a site for the generator, Larry and Steve brought in some stone and leveled the
form for the generator pad.  They quickly mixed up 18 bags of cement and poured the pad.
The coffee can in the cement was used to create a hole where the underground conduit
comes in from the warming hut.

By the end of Sunday, all of the cement work at the site was completed.  We are planning to spend the week of July 9th to July 17th working at the site.  On July 9th, the crew will begin the installation of the cabin and porch floors. The cabin kit is due to be delivered on July 13 and we hope to start building the warming hut that same day . 

If you had planned to help with the warming hut project, please try to take your vacation during this week since that is when we will need the most help.  Contact with the days you are available.

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