Jericho Warming Hut - Week 19 Progress Report

December 5, 2011

Pictures by Roger Richard and Larry Gomes
Story by Larry Gomes

With the Thanksgiving snow of last week melted, we were able to return to the warming hut and complete the installation of the security system.  Roger Laro of Capitol Alarm Systems in Lancaster brought his fully stocked service van up to the 2,000 foot level in the park and then Larry Gomes ferried Roger and his tools up to the warming hut using his 4-wheel drive truck.

The first order of business was to crank up the radio and get a fire lit to heat up the warming hut.  The tunes come on by a simple the turn of a 60-minute timer switch which provides power to the stereo.  With a kindling box stuffed with paper, and pine wood scraps, it did not take long to get a roaring fire going.  In about an hour, the hut was toasty warm. 

While the fire was getting started, Roger began the installation of the 8 cameras that will keep watch over the warming hut and hopefully deter any future vandalism. 

Larry got to work installing the mini-CCTV monitor that was used to adjust all of the camera angles.  It took several hours, but by early afternoon, the security system was working perfectly, so they guys decided to install the warming rack above the wood stove. 

This turned out to be a formidable task.  The rack was about 1/16" too big for the opening so the ends had to be ground down and the tile trimmed back with a diamond tipped blade.  Drilling through the tile required first drilling a pilot hole with a diamond tipped drill bit.  The tile is extremely hard and basically ignores normal masonry bits.  It took about an hour of drilling to get 6 holes through the 1/4" thick tile.

They were just finishing the rack install when Eric Johnson and Roger Richard came up to the hut and they worked on installing the stand for the guest sign-in book and the donations box.

Several ATV riders also stopped by to admire the hut and said they would certainly be back to warm up if they got cold on their ride.

Here are some pictures of the days work:

A mini CCTV monitor made the adjustment of the video cameras really easy.

A 12-volt florescent lamp makes working in the electrical cabinet a lot safer
since you can clearly see what you are doing.


The new drying rack is now installed over the stove.  You can put your clothing or boots
up here to dry off without them getting too close to the stove.  The rack was fabricated
by Berlin Spring, then sandblasted, primed and donated to the club for the warming hut.
Club member Mike Lukasak painted it with flat black to match the stove.


 Roger Richard built a custom stand to hold the guest sign-in book.  Above it is a donations box.

 The sign-in book has a wooden cover in keeping with the log cabin theme.  Customized guest
sign-in pages were designed, printed and donated by Smith and Town Printers to fit inside the book.

 An rugged donations box was customized with a decal from Smith and Town Printers.

 The last project of the day was to stock a load of firewood the crew has brought up with them.

For the first time ever, we left the door open at the end of our work day.  It felt strange after all the months we had left it locked up.  But it was time to remove the tools, ladders and staging and let everyone else enjoy there stay at the hut.  One of the last things we did was put up a cardboard "OPEN" sign to let everyone know the hut was available for them. 

Other than some final staining and the installation of a door closer, the warming hut is done.  We still would like to cut up some more firewood and hopefully we will have some good weather to do that in the next week or so.  If you would like to help with this or any other club projects, please send email to

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