Jericho Warming Hut - Week 17 & 18 Progress Report

November 14, 2011

Pictures by John Higgins and Roger Richard
Story by Larry Gomes

Trail work again took top priority in early November as the clock is ticking and snow is not too far away. 

This focus on trail work has pushed back the warming hut opening a few weeks more than we expected, but we want to be sure everything is working properly before the hut gets opened to the general public.

Over the weekend of November 5th-6th, Larry and Kate Gomes spent Sunday afternoon finishing up the 12-volt wiring in the warming hut.  This included the interior LED lights, the 12-volt receptacles and the AM/FM/Weatherband radio. 

While they were doing that, Roger Richard was back in Massachusetts building a new kindling storage box for the warming hut.  The kindling box will hold newspapers, matches and small pieces of scrap wood that can be used to start a fire.  Originally we had planned to store this stuff in a plastic tub, but Roger thought that would look tacky so he built the kindling box from left over scrap lumber he had saved from the project.

On Saturday November 12th, Mike Lukasak volunteered to clear coat the new kindling chest, which everyone started calling "Roger's Hope Chest".  Mike also helped out by driving several trail volunteers to and from various locations since we were short on vehicles.

At the end of trail work on Saturday, the crew decided to bring the kindling chest up to the warming hut.  Larry also wanted to check out the new lighting system to see how it worked at night.  The crew ordered some pizza's and loaded up some refreshments and headed up to the warming hut.

It was a windy, but fairly warm night with temps around 40 degrees.  The moon was full but clouds were flying across the sky, obscuring the moon from time to time.

As the crew approached the warming hut, the 12-volt LED porch lights turned on.  Then as they entered the warming hut, the interior LED lights turned on.  The system worked perfectly and the light levels were better than we had expected.

The crew started up the wood stove and it took about an hour before the hut was warmed up.  In the meantime, they enjoyed the pizza, the stereo, the view and the "refreshments".  It was the first real test run of the warming hut and everyone said it exceeded their expectations.  There is no doubt, this is going to be a very popular spot in both winter and summer.

Here are some pictures from the last two weeks:

Arriving at the warming hut with a full moon in the Northeast sky.

We tested the lights with and without the generator.  In this picture, both the 12-volt
LED porch lights are on as well as the 110-volt carriage lights.  The sound from the exterior
stereo speakers reflects off the front of the cabin and can be heard at the edge of the
drop-off 50 yards away.

The crew checks out the electrical cabinet.  For such a small building, there is a lot
going on in that cabinet.

 Roger and Eric hang out near the stove to warm up just after it was lit.

 Here is the new kindling chest right after it was built in MA and before it was brought up to NH.

 The inside of the kindling chest is set up to hold newspapers on the left side and scrap
wood on the right side. There will also be a contain to hold matches.

 After Roger finished the kindling chest, he made these bases for the security
camera's so they could be easily mounted on the ceiling.

We are still looking for some volunteers to cut wood to fill up the wood box for the winter.  There is a big pile of dead wood sitting 200' away so if you are planning to use the warming hut this winter, why not come up and fill the wood box next weekend?

You will be recognized along with other volunteers on a workers plaque that will be mounted in the hut forever.

Send email to if you can make it.

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