Jericho Warming Hut - Week 13 Progress Report

October 10, 2011

Pictures by Roger Richard and Larry Gomes
Story by Larry Gomes

The weather roller coaster continues.  Week 11 had temps in the 80's with high humidity.  Week 12 had torrential rains and fog with temps in the 50's and this week it was back to clear blue skies with temps in the 80's with no humidity.  As they say, if you don't like the weather just wait a minute and it will change.

This spectacular weather was just what we needed to put a final push on to finish the warming hut before our grand opening next weekend.  A crew of 5 showed up on Saturday and a crew of 4 was there on Sunday.  Since it was a holiday weekend, there were hundreds of ATV's roaming around Jericho Park. 

Everyone seemed to be in great spirits and we had a ton of visitors (including some of our founders) come over to check out the warming hut and thank us for our efforts.  Even the Berlin Police Department came up to check on us and say how much they appreciated the project.

 We started out on Saturday by hauling up 2 new benches built by Josselyn's Log Cabins in Jefferson.
They make some fantastic log furniture and they were kind enough to donate one of the benches
while the Millsfield ATV Club donated the other bench.  Many thanks to these organizations
for these beautiful and comfortable benchs.

The first thing we did was to install one of the benches on the front porch.  Roger lagged it to
the porch floor so it would not damage the logs or be removed from the front porch.


 We left the other bench out on the front lawn where it attracted visitors all weekend.
Eventually that bench will be installed on a deck that looks out over the view. We also send
out a big "Thank You" to to Rita and Emile Croteau for initiating the effort to get these
benches built and also for staining them to match the warming hut.

Eric did a great job of dressing up the dirt area in front of the warming hut porch with
some pea stone.  This area gets a lot of traffic and while we would like to eventually
see grass there, it may be a while before it takes hold.

 Steve got right to work finishing the sanding of the interior walls of the warming hut.

 Roger put together the interior window trim and built some custom window sills.


Larry went to work on installing the low voltage lighting on the porch.

Eric stained the generator dog house to make it look presentable for the grand opening.
Eventually the dog house will have log siding and a metal roof to match the warming hut.


Ray worked on installing the low voltage lighting circuits into a 12-volt breaker panel.


On Saturday afternoon, Eric caulked up the holes in the standing seam roof to keep bugs
 from making our metal roof their new home.


Steve installed foam plugs into the cut-outs under the logs.

These plugs form a tight seal to discourage bugs or insects from building nests.
They will also keep out wind driven rain.  The slot running up the underside of the log
relieves stress as the log dries out and if any cracks develop, it would encourage them
to form along this seam at the interior of the log instead of along the exterior.


Steve begins the long slow process of cutting up our scrap wood into kindling.
Roger brought up a stack of plastic totes which were quickly filled with scraps.

Eric joined in with Steve and before long, all of the plastic totes were filled.

The remaining scrap was hauled down to the clubhouse and will be cut up for
firewood for the clubhouse wood heater.

With the nice weather, the crew decided to ride ATV's up to the warming hut on Sunday
morning. They snapped this picture from the Twista Vista trail just below the hut.

Roger took a trip up the the roof to finish fastening down the cap. This cap
was put on temporarily until the solar panel install was done.  Now that the solar
install is complete, Roger fastened the cap securely with two screws for each
roof panel.  He left a 2' wide removable cap section over the solar panel feed wires
just in case they ever need to be accessed in the future.  To keep Roger and the
ladder from sliding down the roof, Eric uses a steel bar dug into the ground.


Steve stained up the new trim that Roger had custom made from some 5/4 pine for the
front edge of the tile.

Larry did some final sanding on the walls then proceeded to start the cleaning process
with a small shop vac.

It was finally time to rip up the plastic that had been protecting the floor over the past
3 months.  Here Steve carefully cuts the plastic away from under the bottom course of logs.
The plastic was installed to keep the deck dry while the logs structure and ceiling was being built.
Three layers of plastic were put down and even though the top two layers had some rips
and tears, the floor never got wet.

By 2:00pm on Sunday, it was all hands on deck for applying the interior clear coat.
Here Larry and Steve compete for space in the corner.


Eric takes an opportunity to sit down while he finishes the bottom course of logs.


Who knew that Roger was a painter?  We only thought he did woodwork!

Finally the first coat of sealer is done and what a result. 
Rogers custom trim work really complimented Andy's tile work.

The window trim came out really nice.

Next week, after another coat or two of sealer is put on the walls, the ceiling boards will be
installed everywhere except where the wood stove pipe goes.  The wood stove is not
scheduled to be delivered until after the grand opening. 

So as the sun goes down on another gorgeous Sunday afternoon, the crew packs up
and heads south to return to work on Monday.  It's been a long stretch of 7-day work
weeks for several of our crew.  Many thanks to Steve Uzdanovich, Ray Borbeau,
Eric Johnson, Roger Richard and Larry Gomes for their work on the warming hut this week.

We will be working on the inside of the warming hut again next Saturday so if you can make it up to help, please send email to

You will be recognized along with other volunteers on a workers plaque that will be mounted in the hut forever.

And don't forget, the Grand Opening is Sunday October 16th.  Click here for details!

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