Jericho Warming Hut - Week 12 Progress Report

October 3, 2011

Pictures by Roger Richard and Larry Gomes
Story by Larry Gomes

What a difference a week makes.  Last weekend we were setting records with high temperatures in the 80's and this weekend we are setting records for rainfall with temps in the 50's.

The only good thing was that all the work left to be done on the warming hut was inside work, so we could keep making progress despite the lousy weather.

On Saturday, we started out from the clubhouse in a misty rain and ran into thick fog about half-way up to the warming hut location at 2,500 feet.  This is what it looked like when we got to the top:

 Roger looks out from the front porch of the warming hut where you can barely 200 feet.
Roger suggested we should consider installing a fog-horn for these conditions.  Surprisingly,
we saw over 40 ATV riders on Saturday despite the heavy fog and persistent rain.

 Just after lunch time, Bryan MacDonald delivered the electrical cabinet fresh from the paint booth.
The cabinet was donated by Ray Borbeau of Milan and painted for free by Paul's Auto Body in Berlin.
They used a Rhino paint process similar to what is used on pickup truck bed liners giving
the cabinet and extremely tough coating that is resistant to scratches.  In this picture
Roger is installing some supports for a plywood mounting board in the back of the cabinet.

 By mid-afternoon, the cabinet was ready for the electrical service to be installed so Roger
and Larry spent the rest of the day on Saturday sanding the walls of the warming hut.

 Sunday morning it was still raining but the fog had lifted just enough so that we
could see Jericho Mountain in the distance.  That was the last time we saw the
mountain since it was obscured by heavy rain for the rest of the day.


ATV riders kept on riding despite Sunday's heavy rain.


Our volunteer electrician, Brian O'Reilly got started on the electrical finish work.  He
installed the outside lights and then went to work installing the 110-volt breaker panel.


While Brian was working on the high voltage system, Larry worked on the 12-volt
system.  There are 12-volt plugs inside and outside the warming hut in case
someone wants to plug in a phone recharger or an I-Pod adapter.

Roger spent a good part of Sunday building things like this cabinet for the 12-volt distribution panel.


Brian finished the breaker panel and then went to work connecting the generator
to the underground feed line.  It was raining so hard that Larry and Roger set up a tarp
to help keep Brian dry during the wiring process.

Finally the generator is tied into the underground line feeding power to the warming
hut electrical system.  Note the thick black cord that goes down through the cement slab
into an underground PVC pipe and over to the warming hut.  No more power cords!

For the first time, the lights get switched on in the warming hut and we can run our
power tools from the wall outlets!

The electrical cabinet was looking pretty good by the end of Sunday.  Upper left is the
12-volt breaker panel, upper right is the feed from the solar panels and lower left is the
110-volt distribution panel and the deep cycle batteries are at the bottom of the cabinet.
Next week the solar power controller, battery charger and metering system will be installed.


On our way out, we lowered the generator doghouse over the generator and locked it.
The generator is now safe and sound in its new home.


In spite of the worst weather conditions we have had since this project began, our crew managed to get a full weekend of work in.  Many thanks to Brian, Roger and Larry for the time they spent working on the warming hut this past weekend. 

We will be working on the inside of the warming hut again next weekend so if you can make it up to help, please send email to

You will be recognized along with other volunteers on a workers plaque that will be mounted in the hut forever.

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