Jericho Warming Hut - Week 11 Progress Report

September 26, 2011

Pictures by Roger Richard
Story by Larry Gomes

It's hard to believe, but we had the three H's to deal with over last weekend:  Hazy Hot and Humid.  Let me check the calendar again.  The average high for September 24th is supposed to be 63 degrees and this year we hit 81!

The good news is that we only had a brief shower on Saturday so no time was lost due to rain.  But it looked like we had been in a downpour because everyone was wet from sweat!

We had a small crew at the warming hut on Friday, Saturday and Sunday since this weekend was reserved mainly for tile installation and tying up some loose ends.  The rest of the volunteers were out working on widening the Berlin Trail and Suicide Hill trail.

Here are some pictures from the weekend at the warming hut:

 On Friday, Andy Gomes of American Equity Builders came up from Raynham, MA to
start the tile job on the wood stove surround and the wood box.  First he installed
Hardy backer board over all of the surfaces to be tiled.  Then he figured out the
pattern to be used: a diamond pattern under the stove and a square pattern in the wood box.

 On Saturday, Andy started the wall installation.  He mixed two colors of tile from
the same tile manufacturer to get a mix of dark greens and browns.  Then he
mixed two sizes of tile to create a border around both areas.  The top of the wall
features 6" x 6" tiles and the main wall area has 12" x 12" tiles.

 To save installation time, the walls thickness was built specifically so the end tiles could be installed
without any cutting.  This also gave a nice clean factory edge around all of the end tiles.

 This is the detailed framing plan that Roger Richard used when he framed out the walls to
make sure the walls were built to the right thickness for the tile.  These walls
are all designed to stand independent of the logs in the warming hut to allow for
log shrinkage over time.

At the end of a long Saturday, Andy grouts all of the seams so they can dry overnight.


While Andy was tiling, Roger was finished up some loose ends like installing the door and
and front window and nailing up exterior trim.  Here Roger levels the door before nailing it home.

Here is the front view of the cabin with the door and window installed.

Larry Gomes and Bryan MacDonald came up after finishing their trail work and
spread stone on the access path going down to the warming hut from the pavilion area.
This stone not only outlines a pathway, but also serves to slow down the flow of
water during rainstorms prevent the slope from washing out.  The stone and trucking was
donated by Matt Godbout of MG Construction.

On Sunday, Andy washed down the tile and applied two coats of sealer.  This will
protect the grout from becoming stained if anything gets spilled on it and also makes
it easier to keep clean.

Here is a top down view looking at the finished tile job.  The wood stove is black
and will compliment the darker colors in the tile.  Once the wood stove has beeninstalled,
a special drying rack will be fabricated and fastened over the wood stove.  The height of
the walls around the stove was calculated to provide 18" of clearance above the stove.  The
tiled top of the wood box can be used as a storage area for gear such as helmets and jackets.
The tile inside the wood box should discourage any insects from taking up residence in the hut.


The fall colors really came out over the weekend and the work crews were treated
to some spectacular views.


In spite of the very warm temperatures, it turned out to be a really nice weekend to be up north.  With the fall colors on full display, it was a treat to look up and see that great view in between all of the hard work.

Many thanks to Andy, Roger, Bryan and Larry for the time they spent working on the warming hut this past weekend 

We do need some help with the interior next weekend, so please send email to if you can help.

You will be recognized along with other volunteers on a workers plaque that will be mounted in the hut forever.

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