Jericho Warming Hut - Week 10 Progress Report

September 19, 2011

Pictures by Roger Richard, Eric Johnson & Larry Gomes
Story by Larry Gomes

Even though the weather started out cold in the morning, the bright sun quickly warmed up the work site and allowed our crew to get some much needed staining and sealing done over the weekend. 

The work actually started on Friday with the installation of solar panels on the warming hut roof by a crew of 3.  Then there was a split crew on Saturday with a trail work crew of 7 and a warming hut crew of 2 and Sunday there was a crew of 6 at the warming hut.  Between all of these projects, we ended up with a dozen volunteers working on these two club projects!

Here are some pictures from last Friday:

 Dave Belanger of Smart Energy of New England ( based in Colebrook
 works with his helper Justin to install a frame rail for the solar panels.  David and his company
made a major donation to the warming hut solar system in hopes that people will contact
him in the future for their solar projects.

 This is a close-up view of the special clamps that are used to attached the frame rails to
the standing seams on the roof.  The clamp squeezes tightly over the roof seam to hold
the frame rail in place without creating any holes in the roof.

 Justin and David set the second frame rail into place.  Note the ladder with rags on it to keep
the roof from getting scratched.  Larry is at the bottom with a steel bar holding the
ladder from sliding down.

Larry built this junction box which was glued to the roof.  The conduit sticking out
of the top of the box pokes up under the cap and routes the feed wires from the panels
into another conduit that goes down along the roofline to a wiring cabinet that houses
 set of breakers and then to a solar controller.  If the panels ever need to be changed out
in the future, the connections can be easily accessed inside of this box.


Here David pulls out a pair of feed wires with one hand and measures the length using a tape
measure in the other hand.  Now that's production!

After all of the feed wires were measured out, connectors were attached to mate up
to the wire tails on the solar panels.  The wires are hidden inside of the frame supports
protecting them from the weather and giving a nice neat and clean installation.
A separate ground wire was also run from the frame supports down to a grounding rod.

David fastens the first panel into place while Justin holds it in position.  Each panel
is held in place with 4 clamps that slide in slots at the top of each frame rail.

In less than 20 minutes, all four of the panels were bolted into place.

Here is a picture of the finished solar array.  Each panel is rated at 200 watts (ie: three 60 watt bulbs)
so all four panels can turn produce 800 watts (or 66 amps) of power at 12-volts.  If we get 5 hours of
usable sunlight per day, we can put over 300 amp-hours of juice back into our battery bank. 
That is more than enough power for our LED lighting system, stereo and security system.
Many thanks to David and Justin for a fantastic job on the panel install.  They will be back
in a few weeks to install the controllers and monitors to get the system running.

Here are some pictures from Saturday:

Kate works on staining trim boards for the windows and the lattice work.

Then she put a first coat of clear sealer on the ceiling boards.

Meanwhile Roger installed the north and south windows and cut metal pieces to finish the roof trim
Roger and Kate also installed the soffit on the south side of the warming hut.

An older couple came up on an ATV and shared a hay bale while they ate lunch overlooking the view.

Here are some pictures from Sunday:

Eric Johnson installs the ceiling insulation.

Two new volunteers, Gerald and Dylan drove up from Concord to spend a day
helping at the warming hut.  Their first job was to spread a layer of hay over
the fresh grass seed that had just been put down the day before.  The goal is to have the
hay get wet during the next rainstorm and hold extra moisture so the seed will germinate.

Roger builds supports for the wood box and stove surround.


To make the supports, Roger used a jig to router out a cavity.

Then he used a chain saw to cut a slot in the cavity.  These supports get bolted to the
log walls with lag screws and washers.  This allows the bolts to slide as the logs
shrink while keeping the support firmly secured to the wall.

Larry installs the recessed light fixtures that will be powered by the generator whenever
there is a special club event at the warming hut.  Located 18" above and 18" below these fixtures
 are solar powered LED lights that will automatically come on when motion is detected.

Dylan lends a hand installing the light fixtures with Larry.

One side is done and ready for ceiling boards.

Roger installs the frame for the wood box while Gerald sands the logs around it.
The goal was to sand the area near the framing so it would not be so hard to do later.

Roger finishes screwing in the plywood on the underside of the wood storage box.

The wood box and walls around the stove are finally complete and Roger decides its nap time.
All of the plywood walls and the floor inside the wood box and under the stove will be tiled
for easy cleaning and to prevent bugs from making a new home in the warming hut.

At the end of another long weekend, the warming hut gets a little closer to being finished.

Again it was another beautiful weekend to spend up on the north slope of Black Crescent mountain looking down into the valley.

Many thanks to Roger, Kate, Eric, David, Justin, Dylan, Gerald and Larry for the time they spent working on the warming hut. 

We are within a few weeks of finishing so if you want to help, be sure to send email to

You will be recognized along with other volunteers on a workers plaque that will be mounted in the hut forever.

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